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How Can You Find out If You are Eligible to Apply for Canadian PR?

Globalisation in the modern age has meant that many people are flying across the world in a quest to find a better life for themselves, whether that means living in a beautiful country, having a well-paying and fulfilling job or educating themselves and their children in a safe and supportive environment. Canada is famous for being an excellent country for immigrants, offering good jobs, stunning landscapes, world renowned education and free healthcare. Is it your dream to move to the land of maple syrup, lakes, and pine trees? Many wish to make the move, as Canada is particularly open to migrants. Those wanting to have a better quality of life find Canada to be an excellent option, as the government offers Permanent Residency to those who qualify for it. Those with PR can eventually apply for full citizenship, further cementing their status in their new country! How can you find out if you are eligible to apply for Canadian PR?

While it is true that Canada is most welcoming to immigrants and has a fair number of people from around the world and especially from Asian countries migrating there on a yearly basis, it is also true that there is some eligibility criteria to be met. The eligibility criteria is an extensive list of conditions to be met by anyone wishing to apply for PR. The criteria is simply to ensure that those that qualify will be able to work and have fulfilling lives in their new country, while contributing to society. There are also many programs on offer that allow people to see if they are eligible to receive Permanent Residency. Applicants may stand a better chance if they meet this extra criteria, such as having family who already live in the country. The sheer number of options can be overwhelming at first, so make sure to check the Government of Canada’s website to get a brief overview of what avenues of migration they have on offer. Once you have a rough idea of your own eligibility, it may be best to get in touch with a consultancy agency so that your process of applying and migrating will move as smoothly as possible. Agencies have a lot of experience in guiding people through the process with ease, and are aware of the various options that are available. This experience and knowledge can help you to choose what path is best for you! First, however, it is best to find out what the basic eligibility requirements are.

Applicants should be young, ideally under the age of 35. Canada has an ageing workforce, so the country is especially open to youthful workers who can alleviate the work of the previous generation. However, if you are over 35 then you need not conclude that migration for you is impossible. If you excel in the other requirements or have some special skills, then it might be possible for you to be able to receive your PR. Make sure to ask your agency about this!

Another requirement is good English skills. As the main language of Canada is English (along with French), it is understandable as English will be necessary to carry out most jobs in the country. You are thus required to have done IELTS. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a marker of language proficiency, particularly used by those who want to study or work abroad in countries where English is the primary language used. It is a comprehensive and trustworthy test that a number of Countries and organisations use as evidence of proficiency in the English language. High IELTS scores will thus help your case when trying to secure Permanent Residency.

Applying for PR will also be greatly helped by having a Bachelor’s Degree along with a Diploma, or a Master’s degree or higher. This education requirement is crucial. If you only have a Bachelor’s degree, then it would be best to invest some time and effort into getting a Diploma. The Bachelor’s Degree should be a program consisting of 3 or more years, while the Diploma should include studying for one year or more. It is also best to have three years of more of work experience. Ideally the more educated and experienced you are, the higher chance you have of obtaining the PR.

Eligibility for PR in Canada is thus within your reach! Check now to see if you meet the requirements, and take one step closer to realising your dream.