COVID-19 Update

Latest Express Entry draw and Frequently Asked Questions

IRCC, Canada held its latest express entry draw issuing 3,311 invitations to candidates with a minimum score of 452 or more on 30th April 2020. This draw continues IRCC’s trend of issuing invitations only to PNP and CEC candidates. It has now been more than one month since the last all-program draw. The vast majority of CEC candidates are already in Canada and, therefore, do not require entering the country and quarantining. Meanwhile, PNPs are continuing in order to allow the provinces to meet their annual allocations.

The most recent all-program draw was more than a month ago on March 4. We will continue to monitor the situation and will post updates if and when they become available.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is Canada still issuing Express Entry invitations despite COVID-19?

Canada is still issuing Express Entry invitations. However, Canada is restricting Express Entry draws to PNP and CEC candidates for the time being. IRCC will resume all-program draws soon after releasing their border security for outsiders.

Can I still submit an Express Entry profile and my permanent residence application?

Yes. Canada is still processing immigration applications for Express Entry, but draws are currently restricted to CEC and PNP candidates. However, the documents submission process remains unchanged. The IRCC has clearly stated that applications will not be rejected for non-compliance at this time. All applications currently in progress at IRCC offices abroad, at case processing centers, and within the Domestic Network will continue to be processed, but may experience delays. Applications that are complete will continue to be processed as per normal procedures. Applications that are incomplete due to unavailable documents will be retained in the system and reviewed in 90 days.

 I have an ITA, but I can’t get the documents I need because everything is shut down due to COVID-19. What do I do?

Start by consulting IRCC’s special instructions for applications being submitted during the COVID-19 pandemic. IRCC has stated that they will not refuse an application if you cannot complete the application due to COVID-19.

If your Express Entry PR application is due, you may submit your application with missing documents, but ensure that you include a letter of explanation explaining the missing documentation and the reasoning for this. IRCC will give you 90 days to complete the missing steps in your application.

Please note that biometrics letters will still state that biometrics are due in 30 days, but IRCC will allow 90 days for the submission of biometrics.

I have been approved through Express Entry and I have my COPR, but I am outside Canada. Can I travel to Canada to activate my status?

Regardless of the legal ability to do so, COPR-holders should consider the public health crisis in Canada. If it is at all possible to delay travel to Canada, it is advisable to do so.

The answer to this question depends on when your COPR was issued. According to official guidelines published by IRCC on March 20, individuals who meet the following conditions may still enter Canada:

Permanent resident applicants who had been approved for permanent residence before the travel restrictions were announced on March 16, 2020, but who had not yet traveled to Canada.

If your COPR/travel document is going to expire, please inform your issues to IRCC with many details as possible. Include as many details as possible. There is no guarantee that IRCC will extend the validity of any travel documents, but considering the crisis, an extension may be issued.

When will be the next express entry draw?

The last Express Entry draw was conducted on Friday, May 1 so typically a draw would be two weeks after the previous draw. Since draws are usually only twice a month this past draw was unexpected as it was the 5th draw in April. Due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 many things in immigration can be unpredictable but by looking at the previous trends in Express Entry Draws we assume that the next date will be one week from the previous one.

Are there any alternatives to Express Entry?

Canada is giving more power to the provinces when it comes to selecting new immigrants. The PNP is now more important than it ever was before.

You may be aware that some provincial nominations result in a 600-point boost to your Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Do you know that Montrela Consultants is the one and only firm in Sri Lanka provides various PNP options for our candidates?

Will Canada stop its PR program due to the Covid-19 Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly creating some challenges but it is important not to lose sight of the big picture. Canada remains open to global talent and recently announced its 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan whereby it is targeting the admissions of over one million new permanent residents over the coming three years.

The plan provides IRCC with plenty of flexibility, including the ability to welcome even more immigrants than its targets. For instance, Canada can welcome up to 390,000 immigrants by 2022.

This suggests that Canada’s doors may swing open even further once COVID-19 concerns have been addressed.