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Name : Australia

Business/Financial Capital : Sydney

Area : 7,741,220 sq km

Climate : Generally arid and semi-arid. Mild in the south and east. Tropical in the north.

Population : 23,470,145 (July 2018 est.)

Population Distribution : A majority of Australians live in the periphery with the highest concentration of people residing in the east and southeast. New South Wales has the largest population while the outback has a sparse population

Official Languages : English

Currency : Australian Dollar

Time Difference : GMT +10

Why Choose Australia?

A developed country with excellent healthcare facilities, high quality education and a stable economy, Australia is an ideal choice for those looking for a laidback lifestyle. Three of Australia’s cities including Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide were among the top ten most liveable cities in the world in 2019. Melbourne, which has topped the liveability index for seven consecutive years, was ranked second in the world in 2019 with a liveability score of 98.4.

Australia is renowned for its hospitality and comprehensive immigration programs making it a popular multicultural destination. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, all countries from around the world were a part of Australia’s population in 2018. Attractive perks such as the country’s high employment rate and low population density enables immigrants to secure fruitful jobs upon migrating, making it a desirable location for everyone.

A wealth of options including a temperate climate and magnificent landscapes make Australia a spectacular destination for those looking to make it their home.

Visa Categories

Skilled Migrant VISA

Assessed on a point-based system, the Skilled Migrant Visa is suitable for those who wish to immigrate to Australia and contribute towards its growing economy. Points are awarded taking into consideration the applicant’s age, work experience, qualifications and language proficiency.

Student VISA

Upon obtaining the Australian Student Visa, individuals will be given the opportunity to both study and work. While you can work full time during holidays, work hours are limited up to 40 hours per fortnight during classes. On completing their education, individuals who are over 31 years of age, will be allowed to work and apply for permanent residency.

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