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Name : Canada

Business/Financial Capital : Toronto

Area : 9,984,670 sq km

Climate : Mild temperatures in the south to subarctic and arctic temperatures in the north

Population : 35,881,659 (July 2018 est.)

Population Distribution : A vast majority of the Canadians live in a discontinuous band approximately 300 km off the Southern US border. The most populated province is Ontario, followed by Quebec and British Columbia.

Official Languages : English and French

Currency : Canadian Dollar

Time Difference : GMT – 5

Why Choose Canada?

Canada is renowned for being one of the most multicultural countries in the world with a strong and stable economy and a high quality of life. With a comprehensive immigration process, Canada welcomes around 300,000 immigrants a year with plans underway to increase this number to 350,000 by 2021.

Multiple cities in Canada occupy top positions in the “World’s Most Liveable Cities” index year after making it a desirable location for immigrants. In 2019, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked three Canadian cities including Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto among the top ten most liveable cities in the world.

With attractive job opportunities, affordable living and high quality of education, Canada is an excellent destination for students, families and businessmen. Canada is also popular for its spectacular landscapes ranging from snow-capped mountains to magnificent rainforests which you can explore upon arrival. With some of the most hospitable people to help you navigate, you can be assured of a pleasant lifestyle in Canada.

Visa Categories

Permanent Residency/Skilled Migration

Suitable for those who wish to obtain permanent residence in Canada, this program ranks applicants based on a point system comprising of factors which include their educational qualifications, work experience and knowledge of English and French languages. Those who wish to apply for this visa must meet the following requirements:

  • The individual should be below 40 years of age.
  • The individual should have a minimum of 3 years of work experience
  • The individual should be in possession of a bachelor’s degree along with a diploma or masters degree
  • The individual should be proficient in English with a score of 8 for listening and 7 in other bands for the general IELTS examination
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Provincial Nomination Programs

Those who couldn’t secure their visa through the Skilled Worker program, are given a second chance to apply through the Provincial Nomination Program. Under this program, you will be referred to a selected province in Canada that is looking for employees in certain fields. Individuals are given the opportunity to work and contribute to Canada’s economic growth.

Business Visa

This visa is suitable for those who would like to experience Canadian culture while exploring various business options. Those who wish to apply for this visa under the Canada Investor Migration category must meet the following requirements:

  • Should either own a business or occupy the position of a Senior Manager in a successful business in Sri Lanka that has been in operation for the past five years.
  • The business needs to have at least five staff members.
  • Have the capability of investing 200,000 CAD or above in an existing business or new business.
  • Should be capable of producing both the financial statement and audit statement of the business.
  • Produce sufficient proof to show how this money has been earned.
  • Be in possession of 250,000 CAD worth of assets. Both fixed and current assets are applicable.


All investments should be transferred through the bank or the Canadian Embassy. Both the main applicant and spouse will be allowed to work while managing their business in Canada. Upon completing one year, the Permanent Residence will be granted.

Student Visa

An excellent option for individuals who plan on studying and working in Canada, the Student Visa allows you to work part-time while studying and apply for an open work permit upon completing your education. With Canada evolving into a country that maintains high educational standards, studying in Canada can be your stepping stone to success. You are permitted to bring your spouse and family with you. Eligibility for this visa category is dependent on the university selected.

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Parental and Grandparental Visa

A subcategory of the family visa, this program allows children and grandchildren with Canadian citizenship or permanent residency to sponsor their parents and grandparents to live in Canada. Valid for a maximum period of ten years, the applicant will be permitted to live, study and work in Canada on approval.

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